12 Miraculous Benefits of Holika combustion ash

Just as diarrhea is destroyed by the light of Diwali, the scent of oil and smoke in the heat of Diwali, in the winter, the germs are destroyed by Holika combustion. About the benefits.

12 Miraculous Benefits of Holika combustion ash

1. If a person is repeatedly ill, and after many treatments, the disease is not improving, then at the time of burning Holi, two cloves, one leaf, one leaf of desi ghee, all these things are Holika combustion. On the day of the fire. The next day, rub the ash of the holi into the patient's body and then bathe with warm water. With this measure the patient will recover immediately.

2. If a person becomes subject to death due to his karma ie death, purity, abolition, hypnosis and attraction, then he should be rid of the negative effects of bathing with hot ash in the body as per the above ritual.

3. If one husband is in contact with another woman, you should offer the above material on Holi and burn Holika 7 times. At the time of circulation, 1 gomati chakra, name your husband and set him on fire. Doing so does not expose the husband to the woman.

4. If you feel that someone has done a tantric experiment on you, mix all these things in a fire by mixing two cloves, one papaya, one leaf coconut and a little ghee in desi ghee during Holi. The next day, Holi is tied in a silver amulet and holding on to the neck will relieve tantric effects.

5. If a person is not giving back the money you have taken, you should go on vacation in the person's name, and that means you will get your money back.

6. If you want to dispel anyone's enmity, write the person's name on the pomegranate tree in Holikadah at 12 o'clock one day after Holi and then wipe it with your hand and place it with a little ash of Holikadhan. Don't worry, by doing so your enemy will become your friend.

7. If any of the planets in your horoscope is contaminated, you should burn the above material during the Holika combustion. The next day, take the ash of Holikadhan and purify it in Swarthdishti Yoga and put it in running water.

8. If you are being barred from the state party, you should travel on Holika holiday. At the end of each circle, throw the root of the figure into the holi. This measure will eliminate all obstacles encountered by the state party.

9. On the day of the Holidan, first offer a rosary to the deity and worship in the northeast corner of your house and offer a rosary to get rid of Vastu. Doing this remedy will relieve the odor coming from your home.

10. If any concern or concern is true, then anyone in his family should take one coconut, one clove and reetha on Holi 21 times from above the victim. Every good effect will be gone.

11. If you are experiencing financial loss over and over again, burn the lamp with two openings at your main gate on the evening of Holikadhan and also sprinkle gulal. Make a statement to avoid financial loss as soon as you make a donation.

12. If a child gets an immediate or evil eye, in the time of Holika combustion, put two cloves, one Patanshu and Nagerell leaf in Holika combustion and the next day, fill the ash of Holi with copper or silver amulets and fill it with a black. Tie the rope. By doing so, he will not look at you.

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