368 deaths a day from Corona in Italy, not even a day seen in World War

So far in Italy more than 1800 people have died due to corona virus. On Sunday itself, 368 people died in a single day and this became the largest figure of people who died of Corona virus in one day. Please tell that in World War II, Ottan 207 of Italy were killed in one day.

The corona virus, which started spreading from Wuhan, China, is now engulfing the whole world. Initially, it wreaked havoc on China, but now Corona's new destination has become Italy. Previously its center was Asia's China, but now Europe's Italy is the worst affected. Surprisingly, those who died of Corona virus in Italy have broken all records. So many people are dying in one day, which was not averaged in one day in World War II.

Italy broke the record for the most deaths twice a day
You can get a sense of how badly the Corona virus has gripped Italy, by this, 368 people died on Sunday in just 24 hours, that is, in a single day. This is the highest single day death rate due to corona virus worldwide. A day before this, 250 people died in 24 hours, which was the largest figure. That is, Italy has been breaking its own record in the case of death from Corona.

Corona is even more dangerous than World War II!
If we look at the average number of deaths in a single day in World War II, it is found that about 207 people died in one day, while the first one from Corona was 250 and then 368 deaths a day. Although there may be no comparison to the corona virus of World War II, which lasted for nearly 6 years, but it is known from the average deaths that how dangerous corona is becoming.

Let us tell you that World War II started from 1 September 1939 and lasted 6 years (2194 days) till 2 September 1945. During this entire time, about 4,54,600 people died in Italy. That is, an average of 207 people died in a day.

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