Can Cancer Be Removed from Gaumutra? Is Sadhvi Pragya true or false?

BJP's Lok Sabha candidate Sadhvi Pragya said that drinking cow urine cured her cancer.  Due to this controversial statement, many leaders have criticized Sadhvi Pragya.  But the question is, is it really possible to cure cancer by drinking cow urine?  Let's discuss this in detail.

First of all, we are talking about Sadhvi's statement. In this statement, Sadhvi Pragya is claiming that his cancer has been cured of gout.  But DOS  In an interview given by Rajput on a website, he said that Sadhvi Pragya's breast cancer was not cured but with surgery.  This is the same doctor who underwent his surgery.

What is Cancer?

 Our body is made up of many cells.  The growth and controlling division of these cells shows that our body is healthy.  When the old cells die, the new cells begin to form themselves.  But sometimes this process gets tedious.  Gradually, the cells begin to assemble and form a tumor.  Tumor is not cancer but age is fatal to our body.  Cancer can develop if the tumor is not examined at the right time.

 What are the qualities of a cow bean?

 Gaumutra is an Ayurvedic herb.  Many friends receive antibiotics such as antiseptic, biological, anti-bacterial.
Expert opinion

 Venkataraman Radhakrishna has written a post for the past five years in which he states that drinking cow urine is unlikely to cure cancer.

 He has not yet seen any cancer patient who has cured cancer of Gautam P.  Gaumutra is no different from human urine and has no anti-cancerous ingredients.  He said that Gaumutra is the thing to be planted in the fields which can make the land fertile.  It cannot be distributed in the form of cancer drugs by bottling it.

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