Check whether or not corona virus is infected

A total of more than 28 cases of corona virus have been reported across the country so that the government is in action mode. Particularly those coming from abroad are being investigated to prevent further escalation of the case. Suspected cases of Corona virus were revealed on Wednesday in Agra and Noida in Uttar Pradesh, following which vigilance has been increased in Uttar Pradesh.
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Check whether or not corona virus is infected

Agra has begun tourists in Uttar Pradesh. Tourists coming to the Taj Mahal are being investigated with thermal guns and entry is being given only after investigation.

India is now increasingly facing suspected corona cases which are also affecting large scale tourism and for this reason any tourist coming to the Taj Mahal is now being investigated with thermal guns. A thermal gun has been installed near the Taj Mahal which is being investigated by any tourist who comes to visit.

This is being tested first with thermal imaging equipment at all international airports and ports in the country. A team of experts at the airport and ports is screening the incoming and outgoing thermal guns. Thermal screening is being done especially for travelers coming from countries like China, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea.
About Thermal Gun
According to experts, the person suffering from the corona virus or any other similar disease can be identified by screening with a thermometer gun. During thermal screening there is a clear difference between a healthy person and a person suffering from any kind of virus.

Book a thermal gun online
Thermometer guns are available on the e-commerce website with starting price ranging from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 50,000. You can order it from home and order it. However, it is being said that specialist help is needed during the screening.

No side effects

The specialty of it is that there is no side effect of the waves emanating from it. Temperature is measured by placing a thermal gun near the head that shows the temperature difference between a healthy person and a suspected patient.

How does a thermometer gun separate a patient?

This scanner distinguishes a suspected patient based on a person's body temperature. Experts say a coronary sufferer has a higher body temperature than a normal healthy person. After confirming with this device the suspected patient is sent for medical examination.

Thermal Gun Properties

Thermal guns act like an infrared camera. During screening the virus appears in the infrared photographs of the person's body. According to the doctor, if the virus is high or at a dangerous level, the person's body temperature also increases.

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