How did menstruation start in women? Learn about the Scriptures

Period pens… stain stains… and many rules around the world… In the midst of all this, an ordinary girl fights every month. In India if girls have periods, they are not allowed to enter the kitchen, they are not allowed to enter the temple and in some houses they are not allowed to sleep in bed, they are considered unclean. . Wow brother !! One should punish women for some reason because of their anatomy.

Several months ago there were many controversies over the ban on entry of women into some temples. The president of the temple said that entry of women into the temple should be banned. The head of the temple said that women will be admitted to the temple only after checking by the monthly testing machine. It is difficult for all of them to test whether women are pure or not.

Much has been written and heard in this regard before. But women are always guilty if they want it religiously. It is not just about women who have been victims of rape, but the leaders of our country and people of society are often blaming women for something. Menstruation is also mentioned in women in Hindu scriptures. According to Bhagwat Purana, why do women get monthly? A myth about this is found. In Hinduism, the period of a woman coming to the period means that she has committed the sin of Brahma.

According to the Puranas, once Jupiter, who was the master of the gods, became very angry at Indra's growing pride. Jupiter left Indralok and Indra became weak. Meanwhile, the Asuras attacked Devlok and Indra had to leave Indralok.

Indra then approached Brahmaji and asked for his help. Then Brahmaji said, Indradev, if you serve a cosmologist, your pain will go away. Then Indra started serving a Brahminist. But he was unaware that Brahmin's mother was an asura. Mother had a special attachment to the devils. All the Havan material offered by Indradeva to the gods was dedicated to the Brahmin Asuras. This disrupted Indra's service. When Indra found out about this, he was very angry. He killed the cosmologist. Before killing, Indra considered that Brahminist a Guru and killing the Guru is a deadly sin. That is why he was also blamed for celibacy.

This sin fell behind them as a terrible demon. Somehow Indra hid himself in a flower and continued doing penance of Lord Vishnu for many years. Lord Vishnu pleased and saved Indra from the crime of celibacy. Gave them a suggestion for salvation from this sin. As suggested, Indra persuaded the tree, water, soil and woman to give a small share of his sin. They were ready to listen to Indra and Indra asked them to bless each one.

First, the tree took the fourth part of the Brahmanical sin, giving Indra the blessing of survival. After this, water took the fourth part of sin and Indra blessed the water that it would have the power to purify other things.

👉દરેક સ્ત્રી એક પુરુષ પાસે શું ઈચ્છે છે ? આ વિષે કોઈ પુરુષને નથી ખબર પણ સ્ત્રીને કંઇક બીજું જ જોઈતું હોય છે.

The fourth part of the Brahma slaughter was stripped by the earth, and in turn, Indra blessed the earth that no wound on the earth would affect him and it would be healed again. Eventually the women left. Indra's celibate woman was removed, and in return Indra gave the woman a boon that women would become menstruation every month. But women can enjoy many times more work than men.

According to legend, women have been sinning for centuries to kill their master. Therefore, they are not allowed to go to their gurus in the temples. It is believed that menstruation started in women since then. However, in the modern age, people who believe in scientific opinion do not take these things seriously.

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