How to apply bal Sakha Yojana in Gujarat

In Gujarat each year 12,00,000 children are born and many of mothers die during this process of pregnancy and child birth. Malnutrition and lack of proper required health care for mothers and children are major determinants of maternal and child health. Poor development status of newborn, lack of adequate and timely care and poor nutrition lead to thousands of children dying in the State before they even reach their first birthday. These are serious maternal and child health problems and require urgent attention.

Gujarat state has already implemented various schemes like Chiranjeevi Yojana, Bal Bhog Yojana, Nutritious food with vitamins Yojana(Vitamin Yukta Poshan Ahar), kanya kelavani Yatra for saving the precious lives of mothers and children, fighting against malnutrition, take care of primary education and particularly education of girl child. However, there is a need to consolidate efforts and redouble energies to attack the evils of maternal and child Mortality.

With these aims especially to reduce IMR to 30 from current 50 per thousand live births, Nirogi Balak Yojna is being launched in Nirogi Bal Varsh 2008 as an initiative to achieve improved health and education and ensure overall human development in the State. Since Neonatal Mortality Rate accounts for 60% of IMR, it is now high time to focus on interventions to reduce mortality in first month of life. It is proposed to address this issue by forming strong service delivery mechanism for delivery of neonatal care through Public Private Partnership with practicing private pediatricians on the lines of Chiranjivi Yojna through this innovative Bal Sakha Yojna.

The Bal Sakha Scheme
Under this scheme, all babies born to BPL mothers in the State (approximately 3,00,000 births per annum) will be covered for neonatal care by partnering pediatricians, including care in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (level 2 ) at no cost to the beneficiary. After initialization and stabilization of the Scheme, the Scheme may be extended to cover all infants up to one year age.Up to October -09 284 private pediatricians are enrolled and 31151 new born attended under Bal Sakha yojana.

The Scheme will be Operationalized in Two Parts
Balsakha Yojana Part 1
Balsakha Yojana Part 2

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