If you see these 3 symptoms, show them to the doctor right away, the corona won't wander around you

The Corona virus has caused panic all over the world.  Every country in the world is infected with this virus.  The risk of corona virus is increasing on the world day by day.  The number of people exposed to this deadly virus is increasing.  So far, some 2 million people around the world have succumbed to the corona virus and more than 8,000 have died.

So far, research on the corona virus has revealed that it begins with cough and cold.  Therefore, these problems need to be taken very seriously.  According to the Journal of Internal Medicine published on the Corona Virus, three symptoms of the Corona virus begin to appear in the first five days.

 1. The report released by American searchers states that a person begins to have a dry cough within the first 5 days after suffering a coronary virus.

2. The patient starts to get more fever and his body temperature goes up too much.  Yet, many health experts claim that the corona virus causes more fever.

 3. In the first 5 days after the corona virus complaint, the person begins to have difficulty breathing.  One report claims that breathing problems are caused by cough deposits in the lungs.

The National Health Center and the World Health Organization have also reported similar symptoms to the corona virus.  The effects of chorion also cause problems like body aches and colds.  Health experts have advised the victim to remain in self-isolation for 14 days following research done in various areas of Wuhan, China.

 According to the report, the symptoms of flu, infection and pneumonia are similar to those of the corona virus.  But in a common flu-infection, the patient begins to recover within a few days.  When pneumonia lasts for weeks or months.

Take care of these things to avoid corona virus

The easiest way to avoid corona virus is to wash your hands with soap a few times.  Do not touch your face, nose or mouth and meet at least people.  If symptoms appear, consult a doctor and get an examination.

Take special care of cleansing to avoid corona virus, after touching anything, keep your hands sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.

 Avoid exposure to a cold sufferer, after exposure to the corona virus, avoid crowding.  Use handkerchiefs or tissue paper when coughing and sneezing.

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