Know What is Hanta Virus?

PEECHING: A person was killed on Monday in Hunan province in China's Yunnan province, amid fierce fighting over the Corona virus. The victim was on his way to Shandong by bus. Hanta virus was found to be positive in it. 32 other people were examined in the bus. Chinese government news paper Global Times reported the incident, which has been under intense debate on social media.

 Know What is Hanta Virus?

A large number of people are tweeting that they may not become epidemic like the Corona virus. People are saying that this will happen if the people of China do not stop eating live animals. A Chinese user named Shivam wrote, “The Chinese are now working on another epidemic project. Hanta virus is caused by eating mice '. In the midst of an ongoing debate on social media, find out what is the Hanta virus and is it just as deadly as Corona?

Know What is Hanta Virus?
Experts believe that the Hanta virus is not as deadly as the corona virus. Like the corona, it does not spread through the air. This spreads to the person by exposure to mice. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 'moving in or out of a rat's home poses a risk of transmission of the hanta virus. If a person is healthy and they are exposed to the Hanta virus, they are at risk of becoming infected. '

However, Hanta virus does not pass from one person to another, but if a person touches his eyes, nose and mouth after touching a rat's urine, it increases the risk of getting infected with the Hanta virus. When infected with this virus, a person can develop fever, headache, body ache, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. If the treatment is delayed a little, the infected person's lungs get filled with water and may have difficulty breathing.

Is the Hanta Virus Fatal?
The Hanta virus is fatal, according to the CDC. The death toll for infected persons is 38%. This case of the Hanta virus has come to a head in China at a time when the whole world is fighting the epidemic of the Corona virus spreading from Wuhan. Corona virus has killed 16,500 people so far. Even more than 3.50 million people in the world are infected with it. The prevalence of corona virus can be estimated from the fact that the virus has now spread to 196 countries.

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