Locked-down ATM thi can be called for sitting at home in such a way!...

Locked Down has been locked across the country for the next 21 days to prevent Coronavirus. At that point if you need cash for a job and you don't have cash, don't panic. You are sitting at home this time from the bank
Locked-down ATM thi can be called for sitting at home in such a way!...

Can you order. This facility is available for many bank customers like SBI, ICICI, Axis, Kotak.

This is the process of ordering money

According to ICICI Bank's website, bank @ homeservice has to log on to the bank's website for cash delivery at home or you can also connect to the facility by calling Customer Care. One can ask between 9am and noon to ask for cash. Within two hours, you get the money you need. It can be solicited from two thousand to two lakh rupees. A 50 rupees charge on it and an 18% service charge on that charge is about 60 rupees.

SBI customers will be able to ask for up to Rs 25,000

SBI, with over 40 million customers, also offers customers the convenience of cashing in at home, money depositing under doorstep delivery. Currently, this facility is only for Senior Citizens, Divas or Special Registered Customers. The charge is 100 rupees. HDFC, the country's largest bank, also provides cash at home. It can range from five to 25 thousand rupees. The bank charges Rs 100 to 200 for this. Kotak, Axis and other banks also offer such facilities with certain conditions. May use a bank's app to make a request.

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If you do not have the funds in the bank and need the funds immediately, all of the fintech companies that offer instant loans can help you as well. MoneyType's CBO Kranal Verma says that any customer can avail a loan within 12 to 24 hours only through the app through KYC. However, the amount will go directly to the account. Using it, customers can ask for bank cash at home or make digital transactions and meet their needs.

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