The son-in-law is in love with his son-in-law, now he is stepping up and hating…

There are so many cases nowadays that are very shocking and shocking.  Then comes a case in which a mother betrayed her daughter that the daughter never imagined.  One of the recent cases in London is Twickenham.  In this case, 34-year-old Lauren Hall was happy with her marriage and took her mother on her honeymoon, but she didn't know that doing so would prove to be the biggest mistake of her life.

During their honeymoon, there was a lot of talk between Loren's mother and her husband.  They also had a lot of fun with each other.  However, despite seeing all of this, Loren never thought that her mother was going to give her the biggest bet of life after a while.  Her mother only has to take her husband away from her.

According to a report, Loren lived with her partner Paul White before the wedding.  He also had a baby with him.  There was a lot of love between the two.  In August 2004, when Loren was 19, he made Paul a partner, got married.  His mother, Julie, spent about Rs 14 lakh in the marriage.  But it must have been eight weeks of marriage, and Paul lef
Shortly afterwards, Lauren found out that the man Paul left for her was none other than her mother, Julie.  Paul lives with his mother, and as the truth unfolds, it becomes difficult for Julie to believe that her mother has betrayed her.  In addition, the second year in 2005 she received another shocking news that Lauren's mother, Julie, has given birth to a baby boy.  The father of this child was none other than her husband, Paul.

 After the incident, Loren was completely broken inside.  Loren began to feel that there was nothing left for him in this world.  Loren relied solely on 2 people - his mother and Paul the other, and the same two men betrayed him as one of life's greatest betters.
 The most annoying thing in this case is that initially Lauren's mother, Julie, said she had nothing to do with her son-in-law, but she married Paul in 2006.  Loren was present at her mother and Paul's wedding.  It has now been 13 years since their marriage.  According to reports, Julie is now comfortable with Paul and the two are very happy with each other.  Loren has also been married and is said to be the mother of a fourth child.  However, he says that all this has not been so easy for him.  He has to face many problems because of this.

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