What to do if a coronavirus causes death?

Coronaviruses have been widespread around the world; coronavirus has become prevalent in countries like China and Iran.  In India too, the

positive cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day.  At present, more than 150 positive cases have been registered in India and 3 deaths have been reported.  At that time, a guideline has been announced by the Ministry of Health on how to dispose of coronavirus dead body.

 According to the guideline, if a patient dies due to a virus, his funeral will also have to take place around.  In addition, some post-mortems may not be required except for special cases.  If postmortem is to be done in any case, special cleaning will be taken care of in Madadghar  The forensic doctor will perform a post-mortem in compliance with all security measures, including PPE.

 What the officer said

 A senior health ministry official said that the funeral did not spread the infection but caution was necessary.  The directives have been taken with the staff and family at the hospital ward, crematorium, funeral site, for the virus to spread from the lungs of the deceased during the post-mortem.  It also mentions family counseling.

 If a coronary infected patient is considered to be in the hospital ward on death at the hospital, employees will be taken care of by hand hygiene, protective equipment, infection prevention bags, etc.  All tubes, catheters, etc. will be removed from the body and the puncture done during treatment will be discontinued.  The tube, catheter, will be destroyed under organic waste management.

 The body will be kept at a temperature of 4 degrees

 The infected body will need to be kept in a mortuary at a temperature of at least 4 ° C.  All staff and doctors will adhere to prescribed safety measures.  The trolley will be cleaned with chemicals.  Embalming is not done on the body.  The body may be temporarily protected after embedding.  So that the family can take the funeral home to their own home.

 One can see once before the funeral

 The family or relatives may visit once before the funeral of the infected patient.  For this, the staff or staff can open the chain on the top of the bag.  In the meantime, it will be necessary to maintain distance.  Also, it is important to check that

employees' hands and mouths are fully protected.  There should not be more people for the funeral.  After the funeral, employees, relatives and relatives should clean their hands properly.

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