1200 Years Old Temple And Treasures Found In The Sea, Along With Fourth-Century Coins And Jewelry.

A 1200 year old temple has been found in the Egyptian city of Heraklion.  Archaeologists who found temples inside the sea have also been amazed.  The discovery was made by the philosophers of Egypt and Europe.

 At the same time many boats were submerged about 1 thousand years ago.  A large quantity of copper coins and jewelery have also been found along the temple from within the sea.  The pillars of the main temple have also been recovered from the water.  The main part of this temple is stated.  Which has been verified by a scanning device.

 The temple is said to be from the northern part of the sea, considered to be the Atlantis part of Egypt.  The remains of which have been found from the depths of the sea.  It is called the Greek Temple.  This temple is completely demolished.  Statues and earthen vessels were also found during the exploration of this temple.  Which is believed to be of the third or fourth century.

 The archeology department has also found old items.  Copper coins have been found.  These coins are known to belong to the reign of King Claudius Ptolemy.  The remains of many buildings have also been found in the sea.  Which are spread far and wide.  Archaeologists say that Heraklion is called the city of temples.  But because of the tsunami, the entire area was destroyed.  The city is the Egyptian business headquarters.  Known as Abu Kiir Bay.

 Archaeologist Dr.  According to Frank Godia, French warships were also found on the site about 12 years ago.  Which were of the 18th century.  Dr.  According to Godio, after about 4 years of hard work, the address of the 1200 year old temple has been realized.  It took only a year to map out how many people lived in this city.

 The treasures found in the depths of the sea also found ancient seals, crockery, coins and jewelry.  It is believed that the water level was also rising when the city was a thing.

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